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Limestone County Sheriff's Office

Peace Officer Memorial Services

Every May, peace officers from all agencies throughout Limestone County come together to honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrafice in protecting the citizens of Limestone County.  The ceremony includes activities such as displaying the ceremonial wreath, 21 gun salute, playing of bagpipes and paying respect to each slain officer.  The following is a list of officers who are honored each year:





Coolidge City Marshal Arthur Todd -  Coolidge PD.- September 21, 1960

Marshall Todd was shot and killed after stopping a car for reckless driving.  As Marshall Todd attempted to arrest the driver a suspect opened fire on Marshall Todd with a 12 gauge shotgun, fatally wounding him.




Constable Rosie Lee Smith – Limestone County CO Pct #5 - April 30, 1933

On April 8, 1933, Constable Smith was walking on a street in Kosse when for no apparent reason a subject attacked him with a knife.  Constable Smith received severe stab wounds during the attack and died 3 weeks later.




City Marshal David Thomas Nowlin – Mexia – September 26, 1896

Marshal Nowlin was shot and killed during a verbal argument between him and a Constable over a practical joke.  The Constable shot Nowlin twice, killing him.


Patrolman Ricky Ward – Mexia Police Department - August 2, 1993

Patrolman Ward began chasing a shoplifting subject.  The subject’s cousin hid behind a fence near the chase.  As Patrolman Ward came into his view the suspect shot Patrolman Ward fatally wounding him. 


Patrolman Larry Jacobs – Mexia Police Department - August 3, 1999

Patrolman Jacobs suffered a fatal heart attack after a foot chase in 100 degree weather.  Patrolman Jacobs was able to apprehend the suspect and place him in his patrol car before suffering the heart





Deputy Robert Clendennen – Limestone County SO – May 21, 1875

Deputy Clendennen was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man who just set the County Courthouse on fire.


Sheriff John Love – Limestone County SO – April 18, 1877

 Sheriff Love was shot and killed while chasing several criminals.  These suspects were chased into Louisiana where they were shot and killed in a swamp.


Deputy Levi Drinkard – Limestone County SO – October 26, 1885

Deputy Drinkard was part of a posse that surrounded a cabin of horse thieves.  Deputy Drinkard read the warrants out loud and ordered the suspects to exit the cabin.  The suspects shot and killed Deputy Drinkard before fleeing.


Sheriff Harry Dunlap – Limestone County SO - June 1, 1954

Sheriff Dunlap was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend a man on a psychiatric warrant.


Sheriff Conner Spivey – Limestone County SO - May 10, 1975

Sheriff Spivey suffered a heart attack after breaking up a fist fight during a dance.


Sergeant Stephen Davenport – Limestone County SO – May 2, 2002

Sergeant Davenport was shot and killed during an ambush while he and other members of a regional auto theft task force attempted to search a rural property for stolen cars.




Sergeant Michael Scott Neal – Mexia ISD Police Dept. – November 22, 2005

Sergeant Neal was accidentally shot during a SWAT training exercise.  He was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his wound.

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